Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2021 (Sat 3 July)


You have entered into a competitive wager for an extraordinary race filled with puzzles along the way.

Will your team be able to solve the puzzles fast enough to be the first to complete the journey?

Singapore Puzzle Hunt

Sat 3 July 2021

12pm kick-off
(expected completion 6pm, solving can continue with limited support, until wrap-up on Sun 4 July 11am)


The annual SGPH is back again! And the hunt will again be held online this year because of the current situation. Do continue to stay safe and make use of voice and video conferencing tools to solve collaboratively with your team! Early bird tickets and team slots are limited as usual, so hurry gather your friends and form your teams of four to sign up fast!

Please refer to the website and Facebook page for detailed information, rules, past hunt puzzles and updates:




A few important points to note for this year's hunt:
1) All participants should abide by the prevailing safe distancing measures, and the hunt will not require you to leave your house. We will be using the Discord app ( for hunt communications - you are encouraged to download the app to your computer and/or mobile phone instead of using it from the browser. Private text/voice/video channels will be created in the SGPH2021 Discord server for your team to use for your solving and to communicate with Hunt HQ. To make your puzzle solving experience more fun, you should practise beforehand with team members on using Discord as well as an online collaborative work tool like Google Spreadsheets to solve puzzles together remotely during the hunt.

2) All team members will be given login access to the puzzle site during the hunt for the puzzles and submit answers. Do communciate and collaborate with your team members to work on a specific puzzle together for greater effectiveness.

3) Please be reminded that the maximum registered team size is 4. For fairness (and perception of fairness), teams are not allowed to have additional unregistered team members to participate in your team's solving or have access to the team's chat and/or working spreadsheet, even if they are not active solvers or just observers.

4) Although the hunt is online this year, the event is intended for the benefit of the Singapore puzzle hunt community, so registration is still limited to/prioritized for Singaporeans/PRs and Singapore residents/former residents. If you have team members who do not meet this criteria, please email us first to be placed on the waitlist and do not purchase a ticket for your team yet.

5) The registration fee has been lowered to just cover the organising costs for the Peatix fees, website and domain name hosting. As team slots are limited and there is administrative prep for registrated teams, please do not let the lowered fees be a reason for not showing up online for the duration of the hunt. We hope participants who signed up are committed to your team members and the hunt. On our part, we will using the SGPH2021 Discord server to engage and interact with everyone both before, during and after hunt, to maximise your hunt experience.

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Sat Jul 3, 2021
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Online event
Team of 4 (Early Bird) $20.00
Team of 4 (Standard) $32.00

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